Christmas Potpourri
Got pine?Hillhouse Naturals’ botanical mix —a term for potpourri with more substantive elements from nature—is a Christmas tapestry. The mix shown is from the Christmas Collection.



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December 2005

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Holiday Scents

A Noel for the Nose



If you have no chestnuts roasting on an open fire, just light the Roasted Chestnut candles.

We have noses like bloodhounds—fashion bloodhounds, that is—and we only like scents that smell natural. There’s too much out there that’s artificial or badly mixed, even at high prices, that we’re thrilled when we find a collection we can wholeheartedly endorse. We’ll keep adding to this list as we fined others.  If you have favorite holiday scents, click here to tell us about them.

Hillhouse Naturals Farms

Everything from this artisanal producer is top-notch—it is the best all-around line in terms of achieving the most natural scents in every product in the line. It’s a vast line, too. With more than 35 “collections,” aromatherapy enthusiasts could change home scents every other week. Special scents for the holidays include Cinnamon Bark and Pine, Log Cabin, Mulled Cider, Paperwhites, Pumpkin, Roasted Chestnuts, Snow-covered Evergreens, Spicy Rosehip, and Vanilla Clove.


  • The Christmas Collection is Mom's kitchen warmed with her special simmering spices: heady scents of ripe oranges and cinnamon. The botanical mix (potpourri) is a Christmas tapestry of frosted cones, orange peel, cinnamon sticks, anise seeds, allspice berries, red pods and evergreen needles.
  • The Forever Christmas Collection has scents of candied citrus peel, sweet spices and vanilla. The botanical mix includes 6” long cinnamon sticks, orange peel, evergreens, cones and a pomegranate.
  • The Evergreen Collection has realistic pine essence that cleans and purifies, as well brings the outdoors inside. The botanical mix features feathery cedar sprigs, interspersed with jack cones, lafi and bakuli pods and large fuzzy cup acorns.


Hillhouse Naturals Farm

Holiday Collections

Prices vary depending on collection, size, and product. Most collections feature:

  • Botanical mix: 13 ounces, $17.00,
    1/2-ounce refresher oil, $7.00

  • Candles: pillar candle ($22.00),
    5-ounce candle in glass ($17.50),
    5-ounce candle in a tin ($11.20),
    and votives $2.60)

  • Air Scents: 3-ounce fragrance mist
    ($13.50), .6-ounce sachet
    ($2.70), and diffuser reeds

Purchase online at


Shipping and taxes additional. Prices and scent availability are subject to change.


Forever Christmas Candles

Votives and pillar candle from the Forever Christmas Collection, are scented with candied citrus peel, sweet spices, and vanilla.


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© Copyright 2005-2022 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.