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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE™.


September 2006

Product Reviews / Diet Nibbles / Diet Beverages

True Lemon & True Lime

True Citrus Taste In A Convenient Packet


CAPSULE REPORT: If you’ve ever hankered for some fresh citrus for your water or tea, but are somewhere where there’s generally none to be had—the office, the ball park—you’re about to become good friends with True Lemon and True Lime, an innovation that’s 100% natural and delivers the taste of two wedges of lemon or lime in a tiny packet. AND, YOU CAN GET A FREE SAMPLE. Scroll down to the very end.

Most people we know love a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime with their water or club soda. They look forward to having at least some of those eight glasses of water each day with a slice of fresh citrus. The trouble is, most people are often stuck somewhere—at work, the gym, the Little League game—where water is handy but fresh citrus is not.

When we first heard about True Lemon and True Lime, we were excited. It is a “crystallized” form of citrus made from 100% all-natural ingredients including fresh lemon and lime juices and oils. It promised to taste like the real thing—70% of customers surveyed felt it tasted equal to or better than the real thing. And it comes in tiny, portable packets like sugar substitutes (but it is unsweetened); or in larger plastic shaker bottles.

What It Is

True Lemon PacketsWe got our free samples, filled a glass of water, opened our packet, and (drum roll)...we can agree it is a good substitute for fresh citrus flavor. There is nothing artificial-tasting as there is with reconstituted lemon juice. People who don’t like pulp may actually prefer True Lemon and True Lime to fresh-squeezed.

One packet is the equivalent of one tablespoon of fresh lemon or lime juice. It is high in flavor and nutrition while naught in everything else:

  • Zero calories, zero grams of carbohydrate, zero fat
  • Gluten free, no sodium, no preservatives
  • Each serving has 25% of the daily adult requirement of vitamin C
  • It bears repeating: this product is unsweetened

You can empty a packet into your water bottle or add lime to your glass at a restaurant that only has lemon. But the “Trues” are more than a solution for that absent piece of fresh citrus. They’re good for people who:

  • Need to drink more water but don’t like it plain
  • Want a no-calorie solution that doesn’t have artificial sweetener

If you do add sweetener, you can have an instant no-cal lemonade or limeade. The powder also can be used in cooking, e.g. for seasoning seafood or adding to cocktails when there’s no fresh lemon or lime at hand.

What’s Inside

So, what’s in the magic packet? Citric acid, lactose, crystallized lemon or lime juice and lemon or lime oil, maltodextrin and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Aside from lemon and lime juice and oil, what are these other items?

  • Citric acid is found in many fruits, but is in high concentration in lemons and limes—it can comprise as much as 8% of the dry weight of the fruit. It’s what provides the tartness.
  • Lactose is the simple sugar found in milk products. It helps with dissolvability.
  • Maltodextrin is extracted from corn in a similar process to table sugar (sucrose), which is extracted from sugar cane or beets. It is a complex sugar, similar to starch. It is used as a bulking agent—otherwise, there wouldn’t be very much in the packet or the jar.
  • Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, is found naturally in citrus fruits.

Lactose and maltodextrin are also components of artificial sweeteners. They are 100% natural, and although they are sugars, there is less than 1/3 gram of them per packet. There’s so little, so they doesn’t register on the calorie or carb scale.

Serving Suggestions

True Lemon and True Lime are patent-pending, the first and only products of their kind on the market.  Our favorite uses for these new products:

  • Adding to plain or sparkling water (one packet for a 10 to 20 ounce serving)
  • As a rub with other spices on fish, chicken and meat
  • As a substitute when fresh lemons and limes aren’t available
  • To make lemon butter—the powder blends more easily than fresh juice

You can run right out and buy True Lemon and True Lime without hesitation. If you’re hesitating, at least go to the website and request your free sample (while supplies last).


Packets and Shaker Bottles


Certified Kosher (Dairy) by The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations

Purchase online at by clicking on the links above.

The suggested retail price at retail is lower: $3.99 for the  40-packet box and the shaker. The products are available at major retailers nationwide including Albertson’s, Food Lion, Harris-Teeter, HEB, Jewel-Osco, Kroger, Pathmark, Ralph’s, Safeway, ShopRite, selected Wal-Marts and Whole Foods Markets.


True Lemon - Group Of ProductsTrue Lemon and True Lime are available in packets
and shaker bottles.

True Lemon
The 40-count box.

FREE SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE while supplies last, at


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