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Artisan marshmallows from Bon Bon Bar.




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STEPHANIE ZONIS is a Contributing Editor.



November 2007
Last Updated February 2017

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Marshmallow Madness

The Flavorful New World Of American Marshmallows


CAPSULE REPORT: The Revolution will not be Jet-Puffed, says Stephanie Zonis. She should know, after tracking down and tasting scores of America’s finest marshmallows. A marshmallow is no longer a grocery-store confection, suitable for campfire s’mores or (zut alors!) the sweet potato recipes of childhood. Today’s artisan marshmallows can be gourmet desserts—by themselves, as petit fours, or “a la mode”—think of a handmade cinnamon marshmallow atop a piece of warm apple pie. This article is an overview of gourmet marshmallows. In a separate article, Part II, we name our favorite marshmallow producers. But first, below, a six-page article about marshmallows in general. This is Page 1; click on the black links below to visit other pages.

Marshmallow Overview


Marshmallows? They’re fluffy, white, sweet things that come in a bag in the supermarket. Kids clamor for them in hot cocoa; they’re mandatory for s’mores, but that’s about it.


If that’s what you think, we hope to change your mind; because you’re missing out on some incredible marshmallows, made by boutique confectioners throughout the U.S.

They create marshmallows with care and devotion, and going far beyond vanilla, make them in some stunning flavors.


These artisans have figured out that marshmallows can compete as a great confection; that they can elevate to new heights anything from a brownie to sweet potatoes to that traditional cup of hot cocoa.

The marshmallows made by the best of these small producers are a gourmet sweet that can even be eaten for dessert by themselves.

  Gourmet Marshmallows
Artisan marshmallows from Baked NYC.


Boutique marshmallows make an unusual and delicious gift for the most discriminating foodie...or your favorite youngsters. We’ve sourced some of the best for you.


But first, let’s take a look at how we came to know that commercial blob of white that pops into our minds the minute we hear the word “marshmallow.”



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