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Fran’s Salt Caramels. Salt caramel photos by Melody Lan.




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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE and a dévotée of salt caramels.



May 2006
Updated March 2009

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The Best Salt Caramels

Page 5: Knipschildt, Lillie Belle & Pierre Marcolini Salt Caramels


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The Salt Caramels



Knipschildt Salt Caramels
Knipschildt offers a heavenly, liquid caramel center in a thick chocolate shell topped with smoked sea salts.
  • Knipschildt Chocolatier Salt Caramels. Fritz Knipschildt makes the most chocolatey salt caramel. With a bonbon instead of a chocolate-enrobed chewy caramel, he presents a beautiful liquid caramel inside a thick shell of semisweet chocolate. The sweet, rich dark chocolate and the buttery, runny caramel are almost equal partners, with just a few grains of smoked salt to perk up both flavors. We love the contrast of textures. This salt caramel plays to the sweet tooth. For those who love caramel and butterscotch sauces, Mr. Knipschildt makes one of the best butterscotch dessert sauces, and has ported that skill into this salt caramel.

    5 Pieces


We’re addicted to this inspired combination of lavender, caramel and sea salt.
  • Lillie Belle Farms Salt Caramels. Jeff Shepard’s lavender caramel, enrobed in dark organic chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt, adds another layer of delight. Mr. Shepard’s home-grown lavender infuses his chewy caramel, which comes on as a surprise: First you taste the caramel, then the lavender introduces itself and stays for the rest of the visit. The salt is a light touch. Like the rest of Lillie Belle Farms chocolates, which are based on fruits and herbs grown on the farm, its a wonderful concept of wholesome and sophisticated. We love lavender-flavored foods of all kinds, and this has got to be at the top of the list.

    12-Piece Box


Marcolini Confit de Caramel
Not a candy but a salt caramel spread to enjoy at breakfast or at tea time. Divine!
  • Pierre Marcolini Salt Caramel Spread. Everything above is candy. Pierre Marcolini offers us a condiment version of salt caramel, to spread on croissants, toast or pancakes. It is spectacular. Who needs the croissant—just give us a spoon. Give a jar to a food-loving friend and you will be a friend for life—a friend with a reputation for knowing where to find fabulous foods. There’s no need to tell everyone your secret source is THE NIBBLE (but if you were a good friend, you’d invite him or her to sign up for our Top Pick Of The Week email). If you want to sign up for it yourself, click here.

    7.025-Ounce Jar

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