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May 19, 2009

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Instead of plain kosher salt or “Margarita salt” (essentially the same thing—coarse salt), try Fusion’s hot Habañero Sea Salt on the rim of a Margarita—or Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt on a Gin Martini. Photo by Stanimir Vrachev | IST.

WHAT IT IS: Twenty flavored sea salts.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: A broad selection of delicious naturally flavored salt options.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Just a pinch transforms the flavor of everyday dishes—turns the predictable into “gourmet.”
WHERE TO BUY IT: and fine retailers nationwide.

Fusion Flavored Sea Salt:
Well Worth Its Salt

Page 2: Sea Salt Flavors

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Today’s professional chefs and home chefs alike are blessed with a never ending array of wonderful ingredients from which we can create, excite and entertain. While flavored artisan salts have been Game Henaround for a while, never have they been aggregated in such a collection as the Fusion line from the Artisan Salt Company. Fusion’s line of 20 we naturally flavored gourmet sea salts have infused everything from standards like Roasted Garlic, Black Truffle, and Toasted Onion to some more daring flavors like Merlot and Vanilla Bean.

Just think—a piece of chicken or fish, flavored 20 different ways. And all you did was shake on some salt!

Photo of game hen courtesy of Mackenzie Limited.

Unlike flavored salts of old which were metallic in their saltiness and flat and dry in flavor, or the muddled “seasoning salts” made by everyone from the big name spice companies to your favorite “star chefs,” Fusion salts are a great balance of pure, natural salt and robust, honest flavors. Each is made from natural sea salt sourced from all over the world—the coasts of Brazil, France and Indonesia are three of the seas harvested. The infused flavors, from toasted onion to Spanish rosemary are real—not chemical doppelgangers.

There are some real standouts on Fusion’s list of 20 wide-ranging flavors. Once you taste them, they could become indispensable in your kitchen.

Familiar Flavors

Start with the familiars—you’ll be happy.

Fusion Roasted Garlic Sea Salt
This mild, sweet garlic salt blows your old garlic salt out of the water. Instead of a shocking, hard garlic flavor, the Roasted Garlic Fusion salt embodies all of those seemingly magical qualities of slow roasted garlic. The spicy tinge of garlic is there, but it is subtle and washed in a sweet richness that lingers warmly in the mouth, even after the crystals have melted away.

Common Sense Uses
• Sprinkle it on toasted or grilled crusty bread drizzled with olive oil.
• Use as a finishing salt for nearly any grilled meat or fish.

New Ideas
• For a fresh summer snack, sprinkle the Roasted Garlic salt on garden-fresh tomato slices or cucumber slices.

Fusion - Roasted Garlic Salt
The sweet richness of Roasted Garlic sea salt
lingers warmly in the mouth.

• Mix a few shakes into plain mashed potatoes for quick-and-easy roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

Fusion Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt
Warm, herbal, and surprisingly fresh, the Spanish Rosemary salt might just be the brightest star of this line. With earthy, dusty green crystals and rosemary flavor that’s at once round, rich, and bright, this salt stimulates all of the senses.

Common Sense Uses
• Sprinkle it on any kind of lamb, either before cooking or as a finishing salt.
• Use a little to finish freshly grilled Mediterranean vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, onions).

New Ideas
• Its herbaceousness pairs remarkably with gin: Rim the glass of a gin martini!
• The woodsy essence and the color shout holidays: Use it with abandon during the winter holiday season to finish dishes and even to garnish plates.
• Make a note to give a jar to your favorite cooks and foodie friends this holiday season.

Fusion Rosemary Sea Salt
Flavor lamb, rim a gin martini, give it as holiday gifts!

Fusion Toasted Onion Sea Salt
In the Toasted Onion salt, the sweet nuttiness of caramelization blossoms with a slight bite, rounded out with a pleasant saltiness.

Common Sense Uses
• Finish off a perfectly grilled steak with a hardy sprinkling.
• Season sautéed mushrooms with a dash, just before they are finished.

New Ideas
• Top a bagel and cream cheese with a generous sprinkling. A slice of tomato couldn’t hurt, either.
• Finish a simple omelet or scrambled eggs with Toasted Onion salt. That and a few turns of fresh-ground pepper turns everyday eggs into a taste sensation.

Fusion Toasted Onion Sea Salt
Add it to a bagel and cream cheese.


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