Pumpkin CheesecakeIs there a better way to celebrate National Cake Day than with this incredible pumpkin cheesecake from Elegant Cheesecakes, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week?  Shaped like a pumpkin and covered in fondant, there is, of course, pumpkin cheesecake inside. Read our review!



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November 2005
Last Updated April 2024

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November Food Holidays

A Bountiful Harvest Including National Holidays for Cake, Candy, French Toast, Sundaes, Parfaits...And Pickles


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You may think Thanksgiving is so big a food holiday, with a bonus week of leftovers, that one should not seek more in November. Take a look at this list of temptations, and think again!




Each day of the month has something to celebrate too:

Indian Pudding. Photo courtesy FoodOnTheFood.com. 


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The month ends with National Mousse Day, November 30—a pretty terrific finale. Photo by Nathalie Dulex | SXC.

*Stir-up Sunday is the last Sunday before Advent, the day when families traditionally gather to prepare the Christmas pudding. The tradition dates back to Victorian times when the family would gather five weeks before Christmas to stir the Christmas pudding. There is a myriad of recipes for Christmas pudding, but the traditional version would contain 13 ingredients to represent Jesus and his disciples.

**Another National Doughnut Day is celebrated on the first Friday of June. The June holiday was the first one.

†In the U.K. today, “pudding” is the name for what Americans call steamed cakes and other desserts. Pudding originally referred to encased meats similar to sausages that were steamed or boiled. By the latter half of the 18th century, traditional English puddings no longer included meat. They were still boiled, but the finished product was cake-like (like plum pudding). Our creamy, modern puddings descend from this tradition of steaming sweet ingredients. Here’s more about it.

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