Edible ArrangementsEven non-dieters will be thrilled to get a beautiful, healthy fruit basket like this from Edible Arrangements; the fruit is sculpted to look like a flower arrangement.




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February 2006
Updated October 2006

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Best Sugar-Free, Low-Calorie &
No-Calorie Gifts

Delicious Gourmet Treats Without The Guilt


Foodies with dietary restrictions present a challenge: they know what tastes good, but they have a tough time finding products they can eat. Fortunately, we have risen to the challenge. Here’s an entire page of products we’re happy to eat, whether or not we’re on a diet! Gift categories include:

Our Diet Nibbles section has many other sugar-free, low-calorie and no-calorie foods.

Sugar-Free Sweets

All sweets shown are made with maltitol, a natural sugar alcohol that is used in place of sugar*

Enstrom’s Toffee

Our favorite classic buttery toffee also comes in a sugar-free version that's so good, you can’t tell the difference from the sugar version. This toffee is not a diet product, but one for those on sugar-restricted diets. Certified kosher (dairy) by Scroll K. Click here for our review.



Enstrom's Toffee

Telluride Truffle

Some of the best truffles we’ve ever had are also available in a sugar-free version with maltitol. A visual delight as well as a palate-pleaser. Read our full review of Telluride Truffle.


Chocolate Truffles


Fairytale Brownies’ Magic Morsels

These brownie bites made maltitol hit the spot. They’re a sugar-free—not a diet— product, but they're individually wrapped in silver foil for portion control. Certified kosher (dairy) by Greater Phoenix Vaad Hakashruth. Click here for our review.


Magic Morsels



Curious Cookie

Four flavors of delicious cookies and beautiful gift baskets for any occasion make this fresh-baked product line a winner. Maltitol is used in place of sugar in both the cookies and the chocolate chips. Click here for our review.


Mocha Chip

King’s Cupboard Sugar-Free Dessert Sauces

We love these fudgy, chocolaty sauces so much that even just a spoonful from the jar satisfies as a treat or serves as dessert with a cup of coffee.  But of course, their real purpose is to be heated and served as a topping for sugar-free ice cream or cheesecake, as a dipping sauce for fruit, or any way you like (some people use them to make sugar-free truffles). Available in Dark Chocolate, Coffee Chocolate and Raspberry Chocolate.


King's Cupboard

Bling H2O Water

If you can’t have a single calorie, you can still have the most expensive bottled water on earth: Bling H2O, developed by a Hollywood producer for the Rodeo Drive set.  The frosted 750 ml wine bottle is studded with Swarovski® crystals, and like Louis Vuitton specialty handbags, the water is limited edition. Regularly $38 a bottle, special pricing at $240 for a case of 12 ($20 a bottle) is a “bargain” while supplies last. The good news is, those bottles can be refilled with good old $1.69 spring water, so you can amortize the cost over time. Click here for our review.


Bling H2O



Hint Water

We love Hint—we’re only sorry we didn’t invent it ourselves. Calorie-free, this refreshing water is infused with unique flavors, including cucumber, lime, raspberry, pear, cranberry-orange and pomegranate-tangerine. The Hint Kids line, which features Apple, Tropical Punch, Grape, Strawberry-Kiwi, and Mixed Berry, is available in drink pouches, not bottles; the flavors are equally wonderful for adults.  If you know a dieter, send him or her crates of this wonderful water.


Hint Cucumber


Jeff’s Diet Egg Creams

At 20 calories a bottle (almost calorie-free), this slightly fizzy milk-based treat is so delicious, non-dieters will be lining up for their shares (there are sugar versions, too).  A case of these chocolate and vanilla sodas makes a wonderful gift. Add a scoop of sugar-free ice cream for a relatively low-calorie—and amazing—ice cream soda. Certified kosher (dairy) by Union of Orthodox Congregations. Click here for our review.




Serendipitea Chocolate Teas

A chocolate lover could keep busy for a while working through this delicious assortment of a dozen chocolate-flavored tea and tisane (herbal) blends. Though the names might sound a bit cute (Chocolate A-Peel, ChocolaTea), the teas themselves are not gimmicky— just delicious!


Chocolate Teas

Soda-Club Penguin

Make delicious all-natural seltzer—carbonated exactly as you like it, with this wonderful machine—a pump action that uses no electricity. All-natural diet soda tastes so much better than the artificial stuff. Of all the appliances we tested all year, this is one of the handful we are happy to keep: no more schlepping heavy soda bottles from the store or recycling empties. The amount of money you’ll end up saving will pay back the cost of the machine, The classy carafe looks great on the dining table and adds elegance to dieting. Soda mixes are certified kosher by The Union of Orthodox Congregations. Click here for our review.

  • Starter Kit
  • Basic Kit
    Plain Casing and Carafe


Soda Club Penguin
Other Favorites  

Edible Arrangements Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruits—melon, pineapple, grapes and berries—are sculpted and arranged to look like a basket of flowers. The arrangement elicits a “wow” from everyone who receives one. We regularly receive boxes of the finest chocolates in the world, but nothing makes us happier than a healthy, gorgeous Edible Arrangement.


Fruit Basket

Thymes Chocolate Candles

We went bananas for these luxurious chocolate candles, by one of the finest candle makers. OK, you can’t eat them, but they smell amazingly like chocolate and have absolutely no calories. So, you can have them all, guilt-free! In beautiful glasses with an abstract “chocolate” drizzle design, each 6.5-ounce candle will burn for 50 hours. Free shipping with two or more.

  • Chocolate Latte, $25.00
  • Chocolate Truffle, $25.00
  • Chocolate Mandarin, $25.00


Chocolate Candles

*Excessive consumption of maltitol can have a laxative effect.


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