This gluten-free panforte from Sophia’s Sweets is so tasty, it will even be gobbled up by folks who don’t have gluten restrictions.


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The Best Gluten-Free Food


Gluten-free food doesn’t mean gourmet-free. There are plenty of wonderful specialty food products that keep their customers’ dietary restrictions in mind, and don't sacrifice an ounce of flavor in their efforts to meet those needs.

For your convenience, we’ve indexed all of the wheat-free and gluten-free foods in the Diet Nibbles section, in alphabetical order by manufacturer. Use the Contact Us link on this page to tell us about your favorite gluten-free products.


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Laura Trice, M.D. makes whole grain, whole sweetener “Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food”  in three gluten-free and one wheat-free varieties. Photo by Daniela Cuevas | THE NIBBLE.

Laura's Wholesome Junk Food


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