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A pancake stack—here garnished with strawberry preserves—is comfort food. Photo by Elena Kor | IST.



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September 2005

Updated August 2018

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Pancake & Waffle Glossary

Page 3: Terms Beginning With G To L


This is Page 3 of a six-page glossary of pancake and waffle types and terms. If you’d like to suggest additional words for inclusion, click here. Learn more about your other favorite foods in our 60+ food glossaries, including a Sugar & Syrup Glossary.

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A galette is a savory buckwheat crêpe, a type of pancake from Brittany. Unlike the crêpe, the galette is cooked on one side only. It is frequently garnished with meat, fish, cheese, salad or similar ingredients. One of the most popular varieties is a galette covered with grated gruyère cheese, a slice of ham and an egg, cooked on the galette. In France, this is known as a galette complète. A hot sausage wrapped in a galette (a galette-saucisse) and eaten like a hot dog is also becoming more and more popular. There is also an open-faced pie called a galette. See our Cake Glossary.

Buckwheat galette. Photo © French Cooking For Dummies. Here’s the recipe.

A flat, rimless metal pan used for cooking by dry heat. Griddles are often used to cook foods such as bacon, eggs, pancakes and hamburger patties.

Another word for pancake.

See pancake.

  Calphalon Griddle
Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 11" Griddle.


Injera is a pancake-like bread made out of teff flour. It is traditionally eaten in Ethiopia, Somalia (where it is also called lahoh) and Eritrea. The flour is mixed with water and allowed to ferment for a few days. It is then ready to fry into large flat pancakes. A variety of stews, and sometimes salad, are placed upon the injera for serving; or, a piece can be torn off and used to scoop up food. Using one’s right hand, small pieces of injera are torn and used to grasp the stews and salads for eating. Injera is thus both food and plate at the same time.

Looking like a spongy pancake, injera is a flatbread, used instead of utensils, to scoop up food (photo courtesy Ethiopian Diamond Market).


Not a pancake but cornmeal bread (cornbread), usually shaped into a flat cake and baked or fried on a griddle. Believed to be taught to the Pilgrims by the Native Americans, it became a staple in New England and the upper Midwest. Today, however, the Johnnycake is largely known in the South. It has many different regional names, including ashcake, batter bread; battercake, corn cake, corn pone, hoecake, journey cake, pone and Shawnee cake.

They look like pancakes, but johnnycakes are cornmeal bread (photo courtesy Southern Food | Dot Dash).


Kouign amann is a Breton cake. It is a galette, a kind of crêpe made with brioche dough, butter and sugar. The name derives from the Breton words for cake, kouign, and butter, amann. Kouign amann is a specialty of the village of Douarnenez in Finistère, where it originated in 1865. Read our extensive explanation of kouign amann.


A Norwegian pancake made in a decorative, two-sided press (the plates look like a circular, shallow waffle iron plates with an elaborate design instead of the waffle squares). The finished pancake is molded into a tube shape, allowed to harden, then eaten plain or filled with whipped cream or other fillings, like a cannoli. Krumkake is a variation of the Italian pizzelle.

  Kouign Amann
An individual kouign amann, a breakfast pastry from the Viennoiserie group that is as addictive in its own way as a great coffee cake. Photo by Corey Lugg | THE NIBBLE.


Lefse (pronounced lef-sa) is a traditional soft Norwegian potato crepe, made from of potato, milk and flour, and cooked on a griddle. There are significant regional variations in the way lefse is made and eaten, but it generally resembles a tortilla. In the middle part of Norway, a variation called tynnlefse (thin lefse) is made, which is rolled up with butter, sugar and cinnamon, and eaten as a cake. Tjukklefse or tykklefse (thick lefse) is thicker and, again, often served over coffee as a cake. Potetlefse (potato lefse) is often used in place of a hot dog bun and can be used to roll up sausages. This delight is also known as pølse med lompe in Norway, lompe being the potato lefse.

Lefse can be eaten like tortillas, or rolled with a filling. In the U.S., they are popular in North Dakots, which has a large Norwegian-descent population. Here’s a recipe from Cooking Channel TV.




The Liège waffle is the second major type of waffle eaten in Belgium—although it lays claim to being the “original waffle” with a 600-year history. It was invented by the chef of the prince-bishop of Liège, a city in eastern Belgium. While the Brussels waffle (which Americans know as the Belgian waffle) is a crisp dessert waffle, served with a sweet topping and eaten with a knife and fork, the Liège waffle is a smaller, handheld snack food in the manner of a donut. It has a yeast dough and is golden-yellow, softer and more dense in texture than the Brussels waffle, with a caramelized sugar coating from the last-minute addition of pearl sugar that provides a lightly sweet, distinctive flavor. It also has irregular edges, as opposed to the Brussels waffle, which is perfectly rectangular or square with even sides. The Liège waffle is sold by street vendors and at bake shops all over Belgium.

  Liege Waffle
Photo of Liège waffle © copyright of the Belgian Tourist Office NYC/USA,


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