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August 2010

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Pastas

Best Macaroni And Cheese

Page 5: Boxed Cheddar Mac And Cheese Reviews


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Boxed Macaroni And Cheese Product Reviews

A total of 54 boxed macaroni and cheese mixes were tasted from nine companies. With (mostly) mild cheese flavors, almost all of these mac and cheeses were edible, if not stellar; and a few were quite good. Favorites are highlighted in red below.

Some additional findings:

  • Many of the “deluxe” varieties tended to have sauces with a somewhat metallic aftertaste. This wasn’t too surprising, as the pre-made sauce was stored in a foil-like metal pouch.
  • A number of the batches had sauces that seemed too thin to me, even after a standing period.
  • While it was clear that the various mac and cheeses contained sodium, I would not have been able to tell you that they had as much sodium as they did.
  • Many of these products seemed to focus on a low fat content, but macaroni and cheese is not intrinsically a low-calorie food, and calories count, too.

And now on to the individual boxed mac and cheese, and my thoughts. They are listed in alphabetical order; click on the links to read the reviews. If you start in alphabetical order, you’ll be able to click through to each successive page of reviews.

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