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December 15, 2009

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Almond Butter

Can’t have/don’t like peanut butter? Spread has enough gourmet almond butter to make your dreams come true. Photography by Evan Dempsey| THE NIBBLE.

WHAT IT IS: Gourmet peanut butter.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: For starters, there are 170 flavors.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Handmade with great skill.

Gourmet Almond Butter:
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Spread Almond Butter Flavors

Almond butter, which is milder than peanut butter yet rich with the flavor of almonds, is an alternative for those seeking to add to their culinary repertoire—and for those with peanut sensitivities.

  • Butterscotch Almond Spread
  • Cinnamon Almond Spread
  • Edible Silver & Gold Dusted Milk
    Chocolate Toffee Almond Spread
  • Mexican Chocolate Almond Spread
    (with cinnamon, cloves, herbs and
  • Milk Chocolate Almond Spread
  • Milk Chocolate Cherry Almond Spread
  • Plain Almond Spread
  • Sexual Chocolate Almond Spread (with
    dried strawberries and cherries, and
    laced with “ancient aphrodisiacs”)
  • White Chocolate Cantaloupe Almond
  • White Chocolate Espresso Almond

Almond Butter
White chocolate + almond butter = divine.

We only tasted three flavors: Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate Cantaloupe and White Chocolate Espresso. All were delicious—and to anyone with a doubt, let us emphasize that White Chocolate Cantaloupe is absolutely magnificent.

Dog Spreads

“For the discerning couture canine companion”: Peppermint n’ Carob Spread, Puppyish n’ Peanut Spread (with flaxseeds), 23K Edible Gold & Carob Peanut Spread and Wild Agave, Lavender & Bacon Peanut Spread. The spreads have been crafted under the guidance of dog experts, to help protect eyesight, nourish the coat and add longevity and vitality.

The only answer to this embarrassment of riches: Go nuts!


Gourmet Peanut Butter & Almond Butter

  • 4-Ounce Jars
    $10.00 To $13.00
    With Gold & Silver Ingredients
    $20.00 To $26.00
  • Gift Collections
    $30.00 To $88.00

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Spread Peanut Butter
You’ll only get high because it tastes so good.


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