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November 1, 2005
Updated October 2011

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Pepper Jelly & Cracker

Cream cheese and crackers may be the most common use for pepper jelly; but there are dozens
of delicious options below. Photo by Corey Lugg |

Aloha from Oregon:
Page 2: Uses For Pepper Jelly


For far beyond resting on their laurels as a colorful and tasty topping for cream cheese on a cracker, these delightful jellies are multipurpose spreads, dips, glazes, and condiments with dozens of appetizing possibilities.

To employ a southern word, pepper jellies are sassy.

They’re fun, they’re different, and given how much in love this country is with spicy foods, we’re surprised they’re not in broader use.

Pepper jelly makes it easy to turn everyday dishes into something much more stylish and exciting—just by opening the jar.

Think outside the box, and consider these easy applications:







How To Enjoy Pepper Jelly: Serving Suggestions

Breakfast & Brunch Lunch Dinner
  • On toast, muffins, &
  • With omelets & frittatas
    (try a jelly omelet)
  • Top pancakes and
  • Spoon some into plain
    yogurt (a taste blast!)


  • Mix a tablespoon or two into chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad or seafood salad; use it to season cole slaw,
    potato salad, or pasta
  • Spread on roast
    beef, turkey, chicken,
    ham or cheese
    sandwiches (it works
    with both mayonnaise
    & mustard)
  • Serve it with the bread



  • Instead of mint jelly with lamb chops and pork chops
  • In marinades or as a
    glaze for coating pork,
    ham, chicken, salmon or shrimp (mix equal parts with savory mustard)
  • As a dipping sauce for
    kabobs, fried seafood
    and zucchini
  • As a condiment with
    fried chicken
  • In stir-frys; on ribs; in
    spicy vegetable rice
Appetizers, Hors d’Oeuvres, Snacks Appetizers, cont’d Desserts & Tea Time
  • As a spread atop the
    classic cream cheese
    brick (or blend it in
    as a dip for crackers
    and crudités)
  • Atop cheddar or other
    cheeses on party
    bread or crackers
  • On baked brie or deviled eggs
  • In canapés like the
    thumb prints below (the red link in the right
    column leads to the
  • Create a spicy sauce for meatballs, chicken
    wings, chicken fingers,
    mozzarella sticks,

Thumb Prints

  • Serve with raw oysters or jumbo shrimp
  • We updated the cream
    cheese on a cracker
    notion and filled
    endive leaves with
    mascarpone, then
    dabbed on the jelly—
    with five different colors of jelly, it was a
    beautiful array

fruit salad

  • As a spicy sauce for fruit salad or as a dip for fruit
  • As a spicy topping for
    dessert cheesecake
  • Add a splash of rum or
    brandy and serve it over vanilla ice cream


See for some of our favorite
pepper jelly recipes

There is a larger selection of
recipes on the Aloha From


Cheese Course



  • As a cheese condiment
    with stronger cheeses
  • As a topping on a savory cheesecake (click red link for recipe)


When was it ever so easy to generate excitement among your foodie friends? All you have to do is order a dozen jars of jelly and send out an e-mail telling everyone else what to bring.

— Karen Hochman

Last Updated October 2011

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pepper jelly
Variety is the spice of life: try different flavors of Aloha From Oregon Pepper Jelly.  Invite your friends to a brunch, tea, or cocktail party and try them all. You’ll have a great time!

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