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Wavy pieces of seaglass in a variety of colors and shapes add mood to every occasion.


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KAREN HOCHMAN is editorial director of THE NIBBLE™.



April 2006

Appliance Review / Tabletop / Casual Dishes

Riverside Designs SeaGlass Plates

Sculptural Mix-and-Match Dinnerware


Sometimes we see dinnerware so special, we can instantly imagine our cuisine presented atop it. We know that anything, no matter how simple the preparation, will look dazzling; and that our spectacular cuisine will look out of this world. To us, food is art, whether minimalist or ornate.

But to our disappointment, often these plates need to be hand-washed or handled with more care than our staff-challenged situation can give them. If you like special things but don’t have the time to care for dinnerware as precious jewels, then eureka! Riverside Designs’ SeaGlass Combinations are tableware art, and are also microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

In addition to beauty of fabrication and color, the SeaGlass Collection combinations offer each buyer artistic expression. The entire line is mix-and-match in both color and shape. Match your decor, match the color of the seasons, match your creative inclinations.

seaglass combination
Choose colors from deep purple to luminescent gold
and shapes from free-flowing to perfectly square.

With twenty-four different shapes and colors, everything signature dish can be “dressed” in its own personality, every occasion can be set for the right mood. From formal wine dinners to gay baby shower brunches, the SeaGlass Collection projects luminous fashion, timeless taste, and sculptural beauty.

Each handcrafted piece is made of post-industrial and pre-consumer recycled glass, using the slump glass method—a low firing temperature that ensures sustainability. There are ten different shapes to mix and match, with colors ranging from cantaloupe to coffee. Whether the mesclun salad would look better with the coppery triangular plate or in the small celadon green bowl is really up to the artist—you. Don’t think of them as dishes, but as functional art.



SeaGlass Collection shapes

  • 7” Round Bowl, $22
  • 7” Triangular Plate, $22
  • 9” Freeform Plate, $34
  • 10” Wave plate, $42
  • 15” Wave bowl, $86
  • 11” Square Plate, $42
  • 13” Freeform Platter, $60
  • 14” Square Platter, $72
  • 11”x2” Strata bowl, $48
  • 12”x19” Oval Platter, $86
  • 19” Wave Plate, $130

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The beautiful SeaGlass palette is sure to turn your food into art as well.

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