Dessert Lasagna
Award-winning dessert lasagna by Chef Michael Stambaugh. Photo and recipe courtesy of the National Pasta Association.




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March 2005
Updated February 2009

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Dessert Pasta

Pasta for Dessert?  Chocolate Pasta? Of course—just hold the Parmesan!


Anyone who ever grew up with a grandmother who made nudel kugel, that German dessert and comfort food composed of short, flat noodles, pot cheese, sugar, cinnamon and raisins, should not be surprised to see the dessert lasagna at the left.  It’s just the Italian variation using broader noodles, ricotta instead of pot cheese, and fresh fruit instead of raisins.

While everything old is new again, for a country that lives on pasta as we do, the dish is very under-represented in the dessert department.  Consider this THE NIBBLE’s attempt to develop the genre.

We’ve assembled more than a dozen dessert pasta concepts.  You can click here to send us yours. 

  • We have provided some recipes that have been professionally tested. Others are suggestions in which you can use your favorite recipe, or readily find one (e.g. for cannoli cream).
  • Note that THE NIBBLE is not a cooking publication with recipe developers and a test kitchen. We thus have not tested any of the recipes but have printed them as they were given to us.

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Regular pasta works fine with dessert—the unsweetened pasta is a counterpoint to the sweet additions.  If you want, you can give more “dessert” flavor to the pasta by:

  • Adding a tablespoon of sugar and/or a teaspoon of vanilla to the cooking water.
  • Putting an herbal tea bag in the cooking water: lemon, raspberry, any fruit or flavor combination that complements what you plan to make. We’ve even used green tea and chai for a more exotic outcome.  Look at the dessert recipes on for more inspiration.
  • Some specialty pasta makers create fruit-flavored pastas.  These are subtle flavorings. Check out


We hope you find new dessert loves here in our collection of dessert pasta ideas—and invent some of your own.

Tangerine Linquine

Tangerine linguini from



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