If Dad likes dry martinis or gin in general, Bluecoat Gin will be a hit. Photo by Kelly Cline | IST.




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June 2009


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Best Father’s Day Gifts 2009

Page 3: Spirits ~ American Gin, Rye Vodka & More


If Dad would prefer something in a bottle, here are some different choices that are sure to please. Three are 40 proof and one is our favorite solution to soda and club soda. This is Page 3 of a three-page article. Click on the black links below to visit other pages.

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La Fée:
Absinthe Parisienne


Absinthe, “the green fairy,” was banned by the French Government in 1915, blamed, among other things, for the decadence within French society. In addition to the rank and file of society, famed artists and writers such as Baudelaire, Oscar Wilde, Rimbaud, Toulouse-Lautrec and Vincent van Gogh, would sip glass after glass of the green liqueur at the cafés of Paris, including the [in]famous Moulin Rouge. Accused of engendering alcoholism and madness, the drink was also banned in Switzerland, the U.S. and other countries, specifically blaming the Grand Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) from which it is distilled along with other fine herbs, plus spices. The wormwood effect has since been disproved as myth, and absinthe is one again on the market. If Dad likes licorice flavors, get him a bottle...and perhaps a book of Rimbaud poetry, because those Van Goghs are pricey.

  • 750ml Bottle

Absinthe is traditionally poured over a cube of sugar to take the edge off the bitterness. We enjoy it straight. It is also mixed into a variety of cocktails. “La Fée” is French for “the fairy.”



Philadelphia Distilling:
Bluecoat Gin


Bluecoat Gin launched in 2006, the first distillery to open in Pennsylvania since Prohibition. No one on the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board had any experience issuing a license, adding to the normal bureaucratic challenge. Founder/distiller Rob Cassell persevered, and since then, this handcrafted, small batch gin has won awards (including best gin at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition) and put itself on the map. Bluecoat Gin is distilled five times for consummate smoothness. On top of the juniper berries, gin is a complex recipe of herbs and spices (read about gin ingredients); Cassell, who went to distilling school in Edinburgh, Scotland, likes a zesty accent of citrus (as do we). The gin’s aroma is that of a fine cologne, the complex flavor is that of a fine wine, layering florals and spices under the citrus. We drink it straight, from a wine glass—no tonic water should mar this beauty. It makes a perfect toast to Dad, or any Son of Liberty.

  • 750ml Bottle

Bluecoat Gin
Not just another pretty bottle: Bluecoat Gin is handcrafted with organic ingredients: juniper berries, spices, citrus.



Pennsylvania Distilling:
Penn1681 Rye Vodka


Vodka can be distilled from just about anything: potatoes, wheat, rye, even grapes. Made from locally grown organic rye, the name honors the year in which England’s King Charles II granted William Penn the charter for the settlement that became Pennsylvania.

This is a most excellent $20 bottle of vodka—we’re giving everyone a bottle for the holidays. Four-times-distilled, it is so smooth it can be drunk neat with no burn (we’re of the school that enjoys fine spirits neat). For those who think vodka has no flavor, enjoy the natural sweetness, creaminess and lemony notes of each sip. There should be more rye vodka, more gifted artisan distillers like Rob Caswell.

  • 750ml Bottle

Penn1861 Vodka



PURE Home Sodamaker


A gadget that will make the whole family happy: On the bar boat or patio, in the kitchen or anywhere, Dad can turn plain water into seltzer, regular soda, diet soda or an energy drink in seconds. No batteries or electricity are used; there’s nothing to clean up. The many benefits include cheaper cost per bottle of soda consumed, no heavy soda bottles to haul from the store...or to toss into a landfill when empty. No bottle deposit fees. No high-fructose corn syrup or aspartame in the 25 naturally flavored and delicious regular and diet options (which are sweetened with Splenda). OU kosher-certified. Read our review of the sister machine, The Soda Club Penguin.

  • PURE Seltzer & Soda Kits
    $149.99 To $229.99

Soda Club Pure
The Seltzer Kit includes the PURE machine, carbonating cartridges and bottles; the
Soda Kit adds flavorings. Photo by Corey




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© Copyright 2005-2018 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.