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About The Nibble

Assistant Interactive Marketing Manager



Thanks for your interest in our marketing position.

  • We are asking you some questions up-front, in order to screen out people who aren’t qualified.
  • We are looking for an online marketing specialist who knows how to build a business. We need someone who can help us substantially increase site traffic, attract new readers and otherwise help achieve our site traffic goals (traffic doubles every six months, but we need to do better than that).
  • An understanding of our online business is critical, but an understanding of fine food is a plus. If you’re the kind of person who would love nothing better than to spend time browsing at Dean & DeLuca or Murray’s Cheese...if you love to cook... this would be a great job for you.
  • This is an excellent learning and growth opportunity. The person we’re looking for is a self-motivated high achiever, knows how to make things happen in a shirtsleeves environment, and can impress us with ideas and energy.


  • We’ve posed a few questions below, that show us how you think as an interactive marketer.
  • Along with your resume, send your answers to the questions. Put them in a Word attachment with Your Name - Answers.doc as the title of the document. Be sure to include your name and contact information at the top of the Word document as well.
  • Email both to NibbleHR (at) Be sure to put the job title, Interactive Marketing, in the subject line.
  • Please include your compensation requirements or range. Initially, this will be a full-time consulting position that could convert to permanent status based on achievements.
  • NO CALLS OR FAXES can be accepted. The materials will be screened by someone who is not at our office, who can only access your information via email.


If you can answer some of the questions but feel that you don’t know enough to answer others, you can respond “Can’t answer at this time.”

  1.  What is your overall impression of THE NIBBLE website?
    1a. What changes would you make if you had less than $1,000 to spend?
    1b. What changes would you make if you had $10,000 to spend?
  2. How would you generate more traffic to THE NIBBLE website?
    2a. What would you do if you had less than $1,000 to spend?
    2b. What would you do if you had more money to spend? How much would
    you need, and what would you do with it?
  3. How would you get more people to sign up for THE NIBBLE
    Top Pick Of The Week newsletter?
    3a. What would you do if you had less than $1,000 to spend?
    3b. What would you do if you had more money to spend? How much would
    you need, and what would you do with it?
  4. Assuming part of your job were to develop and manage strategic
    partnerships, where both companies benefit from the relationship:

    4a. What companies might you see as good partners for THE NIBBLE?
    4b. What would be the mutual benefit?

Thanks for your interest. We’ll get back to everyone who submits a [serious] response to the questions.


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