Who knew that Irish cheese makers make Swiss cheese? All photography courtesy Kerrrygold.




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Procurement Manager of Mandi Foods.


March 2011

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Irish Cheese: Kerrygold

Patrick’s Day Food, Or Just A Great Cheese Board


CAPSULE REPORT: Kerrygold, a brand famous for its butter, also makes delicious cheese. If you’re looking for an Irish cheese, search for Kerrygold and other delicious Irish cheese selections. Click on the black links below to visit other pages.


When St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, I reflect on my Irish heritage and time spent at my grandparents’ house. Traditional Irish fare would be served and my “Pap” would lead with the traditional Irish toast: May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.

Ireland has a long and storied cheese making tradition based on production from small dairy farms all over the country. The Irish Dairy Board was formed in 1961 to bring these small dairy farms together, to sell cheese under one label, Kerrygold. Kerrygold cheeses are carried in over 80 countries worldwide.

Kerrygold Irish Cheese

Four of my favorite Kerrygold cheeses, Vintage Cheddar, Dubliner, Blarney Castle, and Irish Swiss, provide the opportunity to sample the diverse flavors and textures of fine Irish cheese:

Kerrygold Vintage Cheddar Cheese
This Cheddar is matured for at least twelve months. During its aging process it is constantly monitored and graded, to ensure only the best of class gets the “Vintage” name. It has a rich, rounded and mature flavor with a firm, smooth body.

  • How To Use It: This cheese is very versatile. Shred it into hearty potato chowder, slice and serve it with pears or chunk it on a cheese board.
  • Beer Pairing: Vintage Cheddar pairs nicely with Guinness Stout.
  Kerrygold Vintage Cheddar
Vintage Cheddar, matured for at least 12 months.

Kerrygold Dubliner Cheese
This cheese is difficult to describe. It has a harder texture, but with sweet and nutty undertones of Swiss and the robust flavor of aged Italian-type cheeses. It is truly a unique cheese that you must taste to fully appreciate. (See photo at top of page.)

  • How To Use It: Melt this cheese in sandwiches, grate over your favorite pasta, or enjoy it chunked with brown hearty bread.
  • Beer Pairing: Dubliner pairs nicely with Murphy’s Irish Stout.
  Kerrygold Dubliner
The Dubliner has notes of Swiss and aged Italian cheeses.

Kerrygold Blarney Castle Cheese
This natural semi-soft, part skim cheese is named after the famous Blarney Castle in County Cork. The lush fields provide this cheese with a rich and creamy taste that reminds you of a young Dutch Gouda.

  • How To Use It: Serve over braised cabbage, grate over baked potato and add chives, or slice and add to walnut bread with chutney.
  • Beer Pairing: Blarney Castle pairs well with Smithwick’s Irish Red Ale.
Blarney Castle is reminiscent of a young Gouda. At rear: Aged Cheddar.

Kerrygold Irish Swiss Cheese
This Swiss-style cheese is aged over 90 days to enhance its signature sweet, nutty taste. It is made in County Tipperary. The fields provide very rich and creamy milk and the herds enjoy fresh pasture most of the year.

  • How To Use It: Add to casseroles, vegetable dishes or melt on top of corned beef and cabbage on rye.
  • Beer Pairing: Irish Swiss pairs well with Harp Irish Lager.


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  Swiss Cheese
It looks like Swiss cheese, but it’s made in Ireland.

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