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May 19, 2009

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Summer Truffles

You may not be able to afford the black truffles, but you can afford a jar of Fusion Black Truffle Sea Salt. Photo by Kelly Cline | IST.

WHAT IT IS: Twenty flavored sea salts.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: A broad selection of delicious naturally flavored salt options.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Just a pinch transforms the flavor of everyday dishes—turns the predictable into “gourmet.”
WHERE TO BUY IT: and fine retailers nationwide.

Fusion Flavored Sea Salt:
Well Worth Its Salt

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Adventurous Flavors

These flavors may not be in your spice cabinet today, but they should be!

Fusion Black Truffle Sea Salt
With its distinctive sensuous truffle aroma and taste, this salt is rich and luscious, earthy and refined. There is nothing like truffles, and this salt does them proud.

Common Sense Uses
• Toss plain cooked pasta while warm with unsalted butter and Black Truffle Salt for a quick indulgence.
• Mix a bit into any paté (even a homey chicken liver pate) for simple refinement.

New Ideas
• Serve a little in a small bowl (soy sauce dishes are perfect), or even just in a little pile on a cheese plate for your guests to take a pinch and sprinkle on cheese.
• Instead of nutmeg, mix a little into creamed spinach to get that elusive restaurant quality—something special.

Fusion Black Truffle Salt
Black truffles add luxury to everyday foods.

Read all about truffles in our Truffle Guide & Glossary.

Fusion Chile Verde Sea Salt
Although mild on first taste, the Chile Verde salt surprises with a lingering fresh spiciness. This pale green salt embraces the vegetal quality of green chilies, not just their heat. (Food Geek Note: Chiles are botanically a fruit—fruits carry their seeds inside, strawberries being the exception.)

Common Sense Uses
• Sprinkle onto fresh-cut avocado, along with a squeeze of lime.
• Dress up grilled chicken or fish by finishing with a nice dusting.


New Ideas

Fusion Chile Verde Sea Salt
Pretty, spicy and salty. Try it with chocolate!

• Both chile and salt are great complements to chocolate. Blend just a bit into a chocolate milkshake—the spiciness will set off the chocolate and the salt the sweetness. Or, try a pinch on a scoop of bittersweet chocolate ice cream.
• Instead of paprika, top your deviled eggs with this spicy salt (just hold back a little on the salt in your egg filling).

Fusion Thai Ginger Sea Salt
Bright ginger flavor matches well with the salty base in the Thai Ginger salt. The ginger is subtle but balanced, with just a touch of sharpness.

Common Sense Uses
• Stir a little into any Asian stir-fry for an extra ginger boost.
• Finish simple steamed broccoli or other favorite veggie with a dusting, to add more flavor interest to a healthy dish.

New Ideas
• Top gingerbread, shortbread or chocolate cookies with just a few crystals before they go into the oven. The saltiness will highlight the sweetness of the cookies.
• Finish grilled pineapple with a dusting for a salty/sweet side dish or dessert.

Fusion Thai Ginger Salt
Try it on grilled pineapple or steamed broccoli.


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