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August 11, 2009

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Wine Jelly

Paumanok Preserves’ wine jellies are made with wines from Long Island’s leading wineries. All photography by Hannah Kaminsky | THE NIBBLE.

WHAT IT IS: Small batch artisan condiments: chutneys, conserves, jams, salsas and more.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Made from fresh seasonal produce grown on Long Island and in the greater New York area.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Some incredible products are done to perfection.

Paumanok Preserves
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Paumanok Preserves Chutney

When most people think of chutney, what comes to mind is Major Grey’s, the sweet mango chutney that can be found in almost any supermarket. But that’s like thinking that all preserves are strawberry, when the landscape is much more vast.

Chatni is the Hindi word for strongly spiced. It was brought to England during the Empire period and then to America. While the Indian subcontinent was blessed with a year-round growing season, in England and the colonies, chutneys enhanced winter meals that were devoid of fresh produce. There are sweet and savory chutneys. Spices and/or sugar preserve produce that is overabundant, at the end of the season, or simply desired as an herbal accent (read about the delicious coriander chutney from Kerala Chutney). Western chutneys are typically sweeter than Indian chutneys; look at the label of Major Grey’s chutneys and you may be surprised to see high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar. Ah, it’s so nice to buy artisan products.


Tomato Chutney
Tangy Tomato Chutney, made from green tomatoes, is a beautiful condiment.

  • Tangy (Green) Tomato Chutney is an exotic charmer. We didn’t taste Paumanok’s Mango-Melon and Rosy Rhubarb chutneys, but the blast of Tangy (Green) Tomato Chutney so warmed our hearts, that we can’t imagine anything more special. The green tomatoes, apples, peppers, onions and raisins are tangy with vinegar, lemon and lime juice and spicy with ginger root, garlic and a secret blend. You will never again reach for a jar of Major Grey’s. This chutney pairs with anything: grilled meat, fish or vegetables; eggs; cheese; and it’s a clever component of dips and hors d’oeuvres.

Paumanok Preserves Wine Jelly

We recently reviewed an outstanding line of wine jellies from Colorado Mountain, so we can tell you that Paumanok excels in making wine jelly, too. There’s no dilution of the wine, and the wine is from top Long Island wineries; hence the outstanding result.

Of the three varieties in production—Pinot Meunier Wine Jelly and Pomegranate Chardonnay Wine Jelly using wines from Duck Walk Vineyards, and Merlot Wine Jelly from Pindar Winery, we were seduced by the rich intensity of the Pindar Merlot. It’s the kind of wine jelly we’d always want to have on hand for ourselves, and to give out as gifts.


Wine Jelly
Pindar Merlot Wine Jelly, made from fine Merlot, delivers intense wine flavor.

  • Pindar Merlot Wine Jelly is intense, rich, serious. Any wine lover would covet a jar. You could eat this jelly from a wine glass and it would not be untoward. As a cheese condiment, meat condiment, cocktail jelly or dessert condiment (on ice cream, sorbet, pound cake), people will sit up, take notice and want a jar. Stir a spoonful into an elegant sauce...or eat it out of the jar if you don’t want to take the time to put it into the wine glass.

Finale: Farmhouse Salsa

Last, but not least, is the lovely farmhouse salsa. You may think that there’s enough salsa in your local shops that you don’t need to send for a jar; but this is truly special. We can assure you of that, because we probably taste at least 100 jars of salsa a year.

This special salsa is made not with any chopped tomatoes, but with succulent, sweet grape tomatoes, perfectly accented with onions and garlic, apple cider vinegar and pink peppercorns.

In theory, you could serve this salsa with chips; but it is far better spent gracing grilled fish or other protein—a beautiful, healthy and low calorie cloak instead of butter or cream sauce. Like all of Paumanok Preserves products, though, it just may fall victim to being relished right from the jar.

—Karen Hochman


SalsaFarmhouse Salsa is made with sweet, succulent grape tomatoes.



Artisan Condiments

  • Chutney
    12-Ounce Jar/$9.00
  • Farmhouse Salsa
    16-Ounce Jar/$10.00
  • Jam & Marmalade
    12-Ounce Jar/$8.50
    Limited Editions Higher
  • Wine Jelly
    12-Ounce Jar/$10.00

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