Infused Caviars

Two infused tobiko caviars from Collins Caviar, Absolut Citron-infused and wasabi-infused, are available at See more caviar in our Caviar Section.
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In addition to our online gourmet food magazine, our specialty food newsletter is published each Tuesday, featuring the Editors’ Top Pick Of The Week. You can read it here, or have it emailed to you—a two-paragraph summary with an option to click through to read the longer review. This week’s not-to-be-missed specialty food is:

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Nibble Tip

Instead of a birthday cake, consider a platter of cupcakes. Beloved by children and adults alike, they eliminate the need to cut, can provide guests with their favorite (chocolate or vanilla cake, different icings, some Splenda-based for those who can’t have sugar). Even with decorated cupcakes like these, you can leave an unadorned cupcake in the center to hold the candle(s).

Life is too short to eat average cupcakes. You
may not be able to get to Sprinkles, The Cupcake
Bakery in Beverly Hills (or one of its outposts),
but you can by their cupcake mix at Williams-
Sonoma stores (and the Red Velvet Cupcake is
grrreat!). Visit our Cakes & Cookies Section for
more cake and cookie ideas. For more delicious
dessert ideas
, see our Desserts Section.
Photo © Valerie Pearson.


© Copyright 2005-2022 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. Images are the copyright of their respective owners.

© Copyright 2005-2022 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.