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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.


September 2006
Updated August 2008

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Going Crackers: Gorgeous Gourmet Biscuits For Entertaining & Everyday

The Right Cracker Makes A Big Difference

Page 3: International Flavors

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Fascinating Flavors

O & Co: Taralli

Taralli are the traditional, ring-shaped biscuits of the Puglia region of Southern Italy. Every town in Puglia offers its own version. They are first boiled, then baked, sos that they crunch like a pretzel—but they taste like a wine cracker.

These imported, all-natural treats are made of wheat flour plus 27% extra virgin olive oil and 25% white wine. There are two flavors: Rosemary and Mediterranean, seasoned with onions, oregano, tomato and anchovies. There’s nothing fishy about these biscuits, however—just spectacular flavor.

Use it a snack cracker, for dipping (it’s natural sweetness would go well with honey mustard), or serve it with hard or soft cheeses. Taralli also make delicious croutons for soups or salads.

  • Taralli (Mediterranean and
    Rosemary Flavors)

    12.34-Ounce Bag
  • Purchase online at
  • Also and at O & Co. retail stores
O & Co
Taralli from the Puglia region of Italy are imported by O & Co.
Black Sesame Cracker
San-J Black Sesame Rice Crackers.

San-J: Black Sesame Crackers

The San-J brand makes rice crackers is in a variety of flavors, from shrimp to wasabi. They can be found at supermarkets, health food stores and Asian markets from coast to coast. With Black Sesame Rice Crackers, wholesome brown rice is used. The crackers are handsome and dramatic, a rich coffee brown color, dotted with tiny black and white sesame seeds and glistening from a coating of tamari. The complex flavors are tart and nutty from the sesame. They’re very crunchy, and blend well with western flavors as well as Asian ones.

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Crackers need never be dull again!

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