White wines have their own characteristics and flavor descriptors. Photo courtesy Corkcicle.




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April 2005
Last Updated May 2012

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White Wine Aromas

Page 4: The Aromas & Flavors of Wine

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WHITE WINE Major Wines Of The U.S. & France, From Lightest to Richest


(White Burgundy)

A full-bodied, dry wine that can have notes of tart apple, lemon, pear, melon, vanilla and/or citrus. In warmer climates it can take on “tropical fruit” flavors such as pineapple and papaya.

Chenin Blanc

(Savenières, Vouvray, Anjou, etc.)

A crisp wine, typically featuring notes of apple/green apple, floral, honey and pear. Some Chenin Blancs can be very nutty.

Sauvignon Blanc

(Fumé Blanc)

A medium-bodied wine with varied flavor profiles, including grapefruit, grassy and melony.
A light- to medium-bodied, slightly sweet wine known for its lychee flavor and spices: clove, cinnamon, ginger, floral, white pepper. Along with Riesling, which is typically grown in the same area, it features slightly higher sugar and lower acidity: Both have unique and exotic flavor profiles that are rarely mistaken for any other wine.
A light yet complex wine, most noted for a pleasant petrol or diesel flavor and aroma, along with hints of honey, fruit (apple, pear, peach, melon) and/or floral. Unfortunately, some producers today work to eliminate the classic petrol quality Riesling lovers cherish, to make their wines more palatable to the general public.
A medium-bodied, sweet wine with a perfumy nose and flavors that can include berry, floral, fruit, lemon, musk and spices. It is typically lower in acid than other sweet wines.

Note that this is not an inclusive list of every white grape varietal.

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