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October 20, 2009

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Pouring Coffee

A cup of the best organic and/or Fair Trade coffee not only tastes good, it does good. Photography by ZZ Capture| Dreamstime.

WHAT IT IS: Organic and/or Fair Trade coffee.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: These are some of the tastier roasts we tried for this article. No milk or sweetener is required to make these coffees divinely drinkable.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Complex aromas and flavors make these coffees stand out when drunk black. Those who add milk and/or sweetener cover up a lot of great flavor in a great coffee.
WHERE TO BUY IT: See individual listings.

Organic & Fair Trade Coffee
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Jim’s Organic Coffee

Jim Cannell has been roasting only organic coffees since 1992. All are fine, but some of them can truly knock your socks off. For your drinking pleasure, we recommend two single origin coffees grown at high altitudes known for producing the most complex coffees.

  • For a memorable experience, rush to order the Ethiopian Idido Misty Valley. The bag does not lie when it tells you that you will taste blueberries with citrus undertones. This is no “coffee snob” talk—you’ll think a half pint of fresh blueberries was thrown into the coffee maker along with the beans. It is a rare delight and pleasure, and shows the novice exactly what terroir can do. Idido is a town with small organic garden coffee farms, located between 6,000 and 7,000 feet above sea level.   This high elevation gives this coffee the ability to mature very slowly in order to develop the special flavor profiles. Even those at THE NIBBLE who put milk in their coffee drank this one black. While the notes from the Celebes, below, may sound like more of a “wow,” if you’re only going to try one, try this one.

    12-Ounce Bag

Jim's Organic Coffee
Jim’s coffees have fabulously nuanced flavors. All package photography by Hannah Kaminsky | THE NIBBLE.

  • Far from Ethiopia, Celebes (formerly called Sulawesi), an Indonesian island near Borneo, is well-known to coffee connoisseurs. Jim’s roasts Celebes (Sulawesi) Toraja White Eagle. Let’s decipher that. Toraja, in the highest parts of the mountain coffee-growing area of the island of Celebes, produces one of the finest Arabica coffees in the world, a heavy body, low acid, “mellow” coffee with nuances of spice and a clean, sweet finish. White Eagle Toraja is the rarest of the Toraja coffees. Completely jungle-grown with extremely low yields, it is harvested from the original Ethiopian coffee plants, some as old as 250 years. Jim’s roast offers an earthy brew with hints of butterscotch, toasted nuts and spice.

    Certified kosher by KVH (Rabbinical Council Of New England)

    12-Ounce Bag


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Newman’s Own Organics

Nell Newman, daughter of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, originated the concept of Newman’s Own Organics, the line of foods that contributes its profits to good causes. Nell’s Breakfast Blend is a smooth, round medium roast with chocolate notes. Nell likes her coffee with lots of cream and sugar, so the coffee isn’t complex for people who drink it black, but a nice “American cup.”

Newman’s Own Organics partners with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to produce the coffee. They, along with Coffee Kids, have teamed up to help women in Oaxaca, Mexico, through an agricultural program that helps women raise organic chickens as means to diversify and strengthen their household economy, as well as to improve their family diet with meat and eggs.

Certified kosher by OU

  • 10-Ounce Bag

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  Newman's Own
Have a cup with Nell Newman and Paul Newman.

Thanks for joining us on this tour of “hot coffee finds.” We hope you found a few things you’d like to try.

—Karen Hochman

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