SparX CookiesHow do you enjoy NIBBLE products? One reader makes spicy sundaes from SparX cookies.



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August 2006
Updated November 2006

Food Fun / Winning Ideas

Tastemonials™: My Favorite Nibble

How Readers Used Products We Recommended


We recently asked readers to share stories about how they used products they discovered in THE NIBBLE. Here are some of the responses—and we’ll continue to add to the list. So click here to send us your story and you may see it published below. If it is, you’ll receive a delicious gourmet gift.

Dancing Deer Cookies

Philip Abrams
McLean, VA

As someone who loves to cook and who would like to encourage my two young daughters to love it as well, I’m always looking for creative cooking opportunities. We love the Dancing Deer seasonal cookie shapes—bats, cats, leaves, flowers, acorns, whatever. The girls bake cakes and cupcakes and then use the cookies to decorate the tops. Sometimes, they create entire “stories” around the sides of of a cake, shapes permitting. They’re almost too cute to cut into and eat—but we overcome the desire to let them live as “art.”

Frontera Salsas

Caryl Olins
San Francisco, CA

After reading about all of the Frontera Salsas plus one of your Tips of the Day, I had a Super Bowl® party where we tasted 8 different salsas and tortilla chips, and several different flavors of margaritas. The salsa bar was such a hit, people hardly drank the margaritas—they wanted to keep their “palates and minds fresh” for the salsa tasting.

Palapa Azul Ice Cream + Moosewood Hollow Maple Syrup

Foster Gilman
New York, NY

I’ve been single-handedly keeping Palapa Azul in business. My favorite dessert is now a Belgian waffle from Whole Foods warmed up in the toaster oven, topped with Palapa Azul’s Flan ice cream and drizzled with some Sweet Autumn maple syrup from Moosewood Hollow. Sometimes I use Sweet Savory...and when I’m in a spicy mood, Sweet Heat.

SparX Spicy Cookies + King’s Cupboard Caramel Sauce

Andre Dalpine
Ridgewood, New Jersey

There are two improvements on milk and cookies: (1) milk and SparX Spicy Cookies, and (2) Sparx Spicy Cookies and ice cream. I used to just eat the cookies with ice cream or make little cookie sandwiches, but the cookies are a bit on the miniature side. I’m a big guy, I needed an alternative—which was to break the cookies in half and use them as ice cream topping. I like to use two or three different flavors—Cayenne Toffee Pecan Chipotle Chocolate Chip and Chipotle Double Fudge on vanilla ice cream; Chipotle Chocolate Chip, Chipotle Double Fudge and Jalapeno Peanut Butter Jalapeno cookies on chocolate ice cream. On special occasions, I’ll use some caramel or chocolate topping from The King’s Cupboard. They’re great, but I wish they made a spicy version! EDITOR’S NOTE: There is a photo of this sundae in our review, but we give Andre credit for re-discovering this most delicious alternative.

Wine and Chocolate Tasting

Patty Winter
Scotts Valley, CA

My husband and I hosted a Wine and Chocolate pairing tasting party this summer after I read your article on Pairing Chocolate and Wine. I ordered white, milk and several varieties of dark chocolates from  I also hand-made white, milk and dark chocolate truffles. With the help of your article I picked two types of wine that went well with each type of chocolate (six types of wine all together). We asked each guest to bring their favorite bottle of wine from one of the six types of wine that I suggested. I set up several “tasting” tables around my yard. When all of the guests had arrived with their wine in hand, my husband and I prepped the tables with a chocolate and the two wines that were paired with it. By the end of the night everyone was able to taste different types of chocolate and a large selection of wines. It was a huge success and we plan to hold the same party annually. Thank you for the wonderful article that set this whole party in motion.

Gourmet Thank-You Gifts

Our first group of winners received boxes of mixed candy-coated almonds, pistachios, and toffee crunch—one of our favorite gourmet snacks and party favors—from Translucent Chocolates.

Translucent Chocolates


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