chocolate milk
National Chocolate Milk Day is September 27. We just love reasons to drink more milk! Photo of Chocoberry Milk Thriller courtesy of the Midwest Dairy Association.



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Last Updated June 2022

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National Food Holidays: September

From Wild Rice To White Chocolate, You Have Reasons To Celebrate


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We tend to think of September as “Back to School Month,” but it is also:


Wine Season and Oyster Season both begin September 1st. And, some foods that don’t get their own month get their own week:

Cherry Popovers
Bake some cherry popovers for National Cherry Popover Day, September 1st (photo © Elephantine Blog).

Monte Cristo Sandwich
Welsh Rarebit Day (September 3) should be Welsh rabbit, an inexpensive dinner when there was no meat. Here’s a recipe (photo by Tristan Kenney CC BY 2.0 License).


Diced raw tuna topped with guac for National Guacamole Day. Try these guacamole recipes (photo © Ippudo | NYC).

Monte Cristo Sandwich
Have a Monte Cristo sandwich on National Monte Cristo Day, September 17th. Try these recipes (photo © Kikkoman).

Chocolate Ice Cream Cones
National Ice Cream Cone Day is September 22nd. This is one holiday we’re definitely celebrating (photo © American Heritage Chocolate).

Chinese Dumplings
Who can resist dumplings? September 26th is National Dumpling Day. Check out the different types (photo © Max Griss | Unsplash).


*National Lobster Day was moved to September 25th in 2015 by an act of the U.S. Senate. The resolution was introduced by Maine Senators Susan Collins and Angus King, after no one could find any official approval of the National Lobster Day celebrated on June 15th. However, the old National Lobster Day, June 15th, is still being widely celebrated today. Keep both the old and the new, we say. Here’s more information.


†Beer Holidays: In addition to Drink Beer Day on September 28th (also called National Drink A Beer Day), there are

  • American Beer Day on October 27th
  • National Beer Day on April 7th
  • National Bock Beer Day on May 3rd
  • National Homebrew Day May on the first Saturday in May
  • American Craft Beer Week, the third week in May
  • American Beer Month, July
  • National IPA Day on the first Thursday of August
  • International Beer Day, the first Friday of August


There are also local beer events.



‡Hoagies, Heroes, Subs, Etc.: May 5th is National Hoagie Day. November 4th is National Submarine Sandwich Day. And someone decided that we needed a National Eat A Hoagie Day on September 14th and Submarine-Hoagie-Grinder Day on October 9th.


**National Lobster Newburg Day is March 25th.


‡‡Bacon Holidays: National Bacon Lovers Day is August 20th. International Bacon Day is the Saturday before Labor Day. National Bacon Day is December 30th.

***Grits: April 14th is National Grits Day.

†††There are also references to National Biscotti Day on February 12th.



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