A dab of Gourmet Chipotle Paste With Adobo or one of Art Of Chipotle’s sauces will dial up the flavor on your everyday and party dishes. Photo by Floortje | IST.




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ALISSA DICKER SCHREIBER is on the editorial staff of THE NIBBLE.



August 2008

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The Art Of Chipotle

Page 2: Gourmet Chipotle Paste With Adobo


This is Page 2 of a four-page article. Get kicking with gourmet chipotle paste with adobo. Click on the black links below to see other pages.

The Art Of Chipotle’s Gourmet Chipotle Paste With Adobo is a tart sauce and marinade made from chipotle chiles, tomato paste, vinegar and salt. It is a dark, rich, red-brown paste that offers spreadable dry heat. While notably spicy and smoky, it doesn’t numb the tongue, so you can actually enjoy its flavor nuances. If you’re in the habit of making your own adobo from scratch because the supermarket varieties aren’t up to your standards, here’s your opportunity to stop soaking and chopping chipotles: This workhorse of a product is always ready to go. 

  • Bread Spread. We like mixing it into mayonnaise for a Southwestern sandwich spread. 
  • Cocktails. A dab is a natural in your favorite Bloody Mary recipe. For something people will surely talk about, mix the paste into micheladas* or mango Margaritas to make smoky, spiced-up cocktails.
  • Cream Cheese. It also makes great chipotle cream cheese. You can use it on toast or bagels, but also as a base for canapés.
  • Marinade & Seasoning. Add it to marinades (especially ones with orange juice), soups, salsas, dips, dressings, spreads, stews and sauces. 
  • Rub. First and foremost (but later in alphabetical order), rub it on meat or fish before cooking, or add it anywhere you want intense chipotle flavor.
  • Sauces: Use it as a base for sauces—it’s easy to adjust the level of heat.

Ingredients: Chipotle paste, tomato paste, water, vinegar, salt, citric acid.

*A michelada is a traditional Mexican beer cocktail (“cerveza preparada,” in Spanish) usually consisting of beer, lime and hot sauce served over ice in a salt-rimmed glass.


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Art Of Chipotle Gourmet Paste
The Art Of Chipotle Gourmet Paste With Adobo. Mix it with mayo for an exciting sandwich spread



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