A dab of Gourmet Chipotle Paste With Adobo or one of Art Of Chipotle’s sauces will dial up the flavor on your everyday and party dishes. Photo by Floortje | IST.




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ALISSA DICKER SCHREIBER is on the editorial staff of THE NIBBLE.



August 2008

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The Art Of Chipotle

Page 3: Chipotle Dipping, Grilling & Simmer Sauce, Plus Topping


This is Page 3 of a four-page article: get dipping, grilling and simmering with these sumptuous sauces. Click on the black links below to see other pages.

The Art Of Chipotle’s sauces have won awards at food shows nationwide. Versatile, they can be used for dipping, grilling, simmering and topping. We tried three of the current four varieties. Crazzberry Fiesta, Smokey Red Sensation and Sweet Heat Addiction have appeal to a broad range of palates. The fourth sauce, Fresh Cream Indulgence, has the most chipotle paste and has a slightly higher heat level that will be appreciated by those who want more sizzle.

Crazzberry Fiesta Sauce

Crazzberry is not some new antioxidant fruit that has emerged from a remote rainforest; it’s a combination of cranberry and raspberry, and there is real fruit in this sauce. Yet Crazzberry Fiesta is not overly sweet, which makes it versatile. 

The attractive, purple-red sauce is medium-bodied and has a chutney-like consistency, with some cranberry pieces and raspberry seeds throughout. 

  • Bread Spread. Mix it with mayonnaise to dress a cold-cut sandwich.
  • Dessert. When they’re fruity like this one, chipotle topping can even be used in desserts. We like it drizzled over grilled peaches, and it makes a mean addition to baked Brie. 
  • Marinade & Topping. Crazzberry Fiesta is a lovely marinade for any type of poultry and for many meats, especially gamier ones like lamb; and it’s perfect for pork. The sauce can also be used as a topping on these foods.  It also makes a nice match with string beans Amandine and almond chicken.
  • Salad Dressing. For tart, sweet, fruity zip, mix Crazzberry Fiesta into salad dressings.  You can toss some dried cranberries (or other dried berries) into the salad, too.
  • Thanksgiving Ingredient. Its nice balance of sweet and spicy flavors makes Crazzberry Fiesta an interesting substitute or add-in to Thanksgiving cranberry sauce and a welcome partner for hot roasted turkey and cornbread.
Art Of Chipotle Crazzberry Fiesta Sauce
Crazzberry Fiesta Sauce has a nice fruitiness that can be used with desserts such as grilled peaches and baked Brie.

Awards: Award winner at Chile Pepper Magazine Zestfest and America’s Best Food Show, 2005 Scovie Award in the Medium Heat sauce category (finishing behind Sweet Heat Addiction, below).

Ingredients: Raspberries, brown sugar, water, chipotle paste, cranberries, cider vinegar, chipotle seeds, olive oil, salt, garlic, xanthan gum.

Smokey Red Sensation

Our favorite Art of Chipotle product, this rich, opaque, red-orange sauce contains very little sugar (less than a gram per tablespoon) and has a smooth richness we can’t get enough of. One of our testers likened it to a chipotle barbecue sauce. It’s not overly spicy; there’s a nice amount of heat on the finish.  A bit garlicky, it has a consistency similar to that of mole sauce.

This sauce can be used just about anywhere, and as readily as (and in place of) ketchup or barbecue sauce. 

  • Condiment. This sauce is ideal for barbecued meats like ribs and brisket and, of course, wings. 
  • Dip. Dip veggies, chicken skewers and French fries in it. 
  • Eggs. We simmered eggs in Smokey Red Sensation to make huevos rancheros, which we served atop crispy tortillas, but Smokey Red Sensation makes a great topping for all styles of eggs. 
  • Marinade & Seasoning. Use the sauce as a marinade or add it to ground taco meat as it cooks. (This meat mixture can also be used in a southwestern lasagna.) 
  • Pizza. Try this with more traditional toppings, and see more uses for Sweet Heat Addiction, below.
  • Salad Seasoning. Mix it into chicken salad.
  • Sandwiches & Burgers. Try it as a sandwich spread, and be sure to pile it onto a cheeseburger with Cheddar. 
  • Simmer Sauce. Simmer chicken in it, make it a base for casseroles (chipotle mac and cheese, anyone?).
  • Southwestern & Tex-Mex. It’s perfect for enchiladas, tacos, fajitas, tortilla soup, chili and any other southwestern dish.
  • Tofu: Throw it into a tofu stir-fry, simmer away or use it as a topping. 

There’s a minimum order of three bottles on The Art Of Chipotle’s website—but don’t worry, they’ll go quickly.

Smokey Red Sensation
Smokey Red Sensation is our favorite product from The Art Of Chipotle line.

Awards: 2nd place for Specialty Chile Hot Sauce and 3rd place for Spicy Ketchup, 2005 Scovie Awards; 3 more awards at the America’s Zesty Best Show.

Ingredients: Water, chipotle paste, tomato paste, molasses, soybean oil, garlic, chile powder, cumin, pineapple juice concentrate, salt, xanthan gum, oregano.


Sweet Heat Addiction


As the name suggests, this is the sweetest of the sauces. It has a lingering, spicy finish, its texture is similar to that of a thicker, bottled vinaigrette, and it has some chunks of onion. 

On its own, this sauce is a bit sweet for our taste, but it makes a nice marinade for chicken. The flavor becomes milder when cooked.

For those who enjoy sweeter, sticky sauces (and we see many of these, so we know there are plenty of customers for them), it would make a nice, spicy salad dressing. No doubt, it was created to appeal to the many people who like sweet flavors in savory foods; the primary ingredient is brown sugar. Sweet heat addicts, this one’s for you—for wing sauce, pork tenderloin, and, instead of pepper jelly, over a brick of cream cheese as a cocktail snack.

Our favorite use:

  • Dessert. Its sweet spiciness matches grilled pineapple nicely.

The company founder’s favorite use:

  • Pizza. Combine Sweet Heat Addiction with fresh basil, fresh pineapple and crumbled goat cheese.  Add grilled chicken or shrimp if you like.

Awards: Best Medium Heat Hot Sauce, 2005 Scovies; winner, 2005 Fiery Food Challenge; People’s Choice, Zestfest 2004.

Art Of Chipotle Sweet Heat Addiction Sauce
Some like it hot, some like it sweet. You can have both in The Art Of Chipotle’s Sweet Heat Addiction.
Ingredients: Brown sugar, chipotle paste, water, onion, cider vinegar, olive oil, cilantro, garlic, salt, chipotle seed, xanthan gum.


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