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August 1, 2006
Updated January 2009

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G'Day Gourmet Tuna
If you like canned tuna or salmon, you’ll love these. If you’re not crazy about canned fish, we bet you’ll be saying “G’Day” to G’Day Gourmet. Shown: Tomato Basil, Tomato Salsa and Tomato Onion tunas. Photo by Melody Lan | THE NIBBLE.
WHAT IT IS: Single-serve seasoned canned tuna in six different flavors, wild Alaskan salmon in three flavors.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Gourmet flavors; the tuna is the skipjack species fished in pristine waters, and has very low levels of mercury.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Low-calorie (it uses cholesterol- free canola oil to blend the seasonings), controlled portions with ready-to-eat convenience and exciting tastes. Plus, easy portability for work, school, desk drawers and stashing anywhere you need snacks.
BUY IT AT: Whole Foods Markets and other fine food stores.

G’Day Gourmet:
Singing A Different Tuna

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Tantalizing Seasoned Tuna

“Australians don’t eat their tuna slathered in mayonnaise,” explained the representative from G’Day Gourmet. “This is normal for us.” About half of the canned fish sales volume in Australia is in savory (seasoned) tuna and salmon, and you are about to discover why. Put great fish in a can with sea salt, fresh herbs, spices and quality canola oil and you’ve got tuna (and salmon) Aussie-style.

  • Chili. This flavor has a nice amount of spiciness—not too hot, but there’s still a “tingle” on the finish. There’s even a small, seeded chili in the can. It’s seasoned with chili oil as well. (243 calories)
  • Lemon Pepper. Some batches we’ve had have been more lemony with a light touch of pepper; some are more peppery. We like it either way, but a squeeze of fresh lemon juice makes it even livelier. It’s seasoned with lemon juice, cracked pepper, soy oil, soy and spices. (223 calories)
  • Mild Indian Curry. We have made curried tuna for years (with mayo) and we like this better than our own. A light curry flavor, seasoned with natural herbs and spices. (162 calories)
  • Tomato Basil. Delightfully infused with the flavor of fresh basil. The ingredients include tomato paste, vinegar, oven-dried tomato, spices and, of course, basil. (135 calories)

Tomato Salsa Tuna
Tomato Salsa tuna goes great with bell peppers, cut
up or stuffed into a whole one. Photo by Melody Lan.

  • Tomato Salsa. Subtle flavors of tomato and bell pepper with a light salsa spiciness. We enjoy serving ours stuffed into a bell pepper. While all the flavors work this way, it perfectly accents Tomato Salsa. The ingredients include onion, dried roasted onion, tomato paste, bell pepper and spices (this flavor has sugar but no wheat). (168 calories)
  • Tomato Onion. The sweet onion and tomato flavor comes from real onion, vinegar, tomato paste and spices. Perfect for a tuna melt! (140 calories)

We liked them all, with particular nods to the Chili, Mild Indian Curry and Tomato Basil...but everyone will have personal favorites based on their regular flavor preferences.

The Competition Arrives: Bumble Bee & Starkist Flavored Tunas

UPDATE APRIL 2007: About six months after G’Day Gourmet first arrived on these shores, StarKist entered the market with a Gourmet Choice Yellowfin Marinated Tuna Fillet, in extra virgin olive oil and lemon dill seasoning. It is delicious—and OU kosher, too, for those who observe. We recently finished testing Bumble Bee Sensations™ Tuna Medleys and wish we could say the same. The line comes in snack-size 3-ounce cans (like G’Day Gourmet, but packaged with Ritz-type crackers and a small plastic spoon) and in a standard size. Thank goodness we opted for the smaller. We took a bite of Spicy Thai Chili—which looked almost exactly like G’Day Gourmet’s Chili, down to the tiny chili on top of the tuna—and the first taste was a mouthful of sugar!  Yes, folks, there’s sugar in the can of tuna—of all three flavors, in fact, although the lemon juice and pepper in the Lemon & Pepper flavor cover it up. The Sundried Tomato & Basil tastes like Tuna and Candied Tomatoes—dreadful. Why, Bumble Bee, why?

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