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June 27, 2006
Updated October 2008

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Ice Cream Sundae With Chocolate Sauce
You don’t need to pile on a lot of chocolate sauce. Just a bit is immensely enjoyable. Photo by Dusan Zidar | CSP.
WHAT IT IS: A comprehensive line of chocolate and caramel dessert sauces.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: From the classic (Bittersweet Chocolate, Orange Chocolate) to the modern (White Key Lime Chocolate, Pear Cinnamon Caramel), the sauces enhance desserts from the everyday to the gala.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Impeccable taste and great recipes, as good as we could make ourselves. Using the best ingredients, there’s a maximum of good chocolate or caramel flavor, without sugariness. And it’s a time-saver: after just moments in the microwave, the sauce is ready to turn anything on the plate into a fancy dessert. Just drizzle and serve.

The King’s Cupboard Dessert Sauces: Long Live The King

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Gourmet Chocolate Sauces

It’s obvious that the King has a good time developing chocolate sauce recipes, because he’s got a lot of them. We’d clear other things out of the refrigerator to give most of them shelf space. The chocolate sauces, made of African and South American beans, is blended with undutched cocoa, cream, butter, sugar and Bourbon vanilla into a silky smooth sauce—the type you’d make yourself if you had the time (and the recipes to make some of the flavors work).

At room temperature, the sauces have a thick but stirrable consistency (refrigerated, they turn to fudge). When you heat them (which you can do instantly in the microwave), they turn into a more fluid chocolate heaven.

There are currently eight selections:

A brownie à la mode becomes un grand dessert with some Bittersweet Chocolate or Espresso Chocolate Sauce and a sprinkling of malted milk powder. Photo by Pietro Giordano.
  • Dark Chocolate Sauce. You can enjoy your chocolate as pure Bittersweet Chocolate sauce, or in Espresso Chocolate, Mint Chocolate and Raspberry Chocolate. The Bittersweet is a classic; Espresso is a perfect execution. The Mint infusion is on the strong side, the Raspberry is a tad on the tart side.
  • Milk Chocolate Sauce. An option for those milk-chocolate-only folks who won’t yield to the magnificent Bittersweet.
  • Organic Hot Fudge Sauce. This USDA-certified organic sauce is made from a blend of organic chocolate and cocoa are blended with organic sugar, sweet butter and fresh cream to produce a rich and complex flavor beyond compare!
  • Flavored Chocolate Sauce: The Dark Chocolate Sauce in Crème de Menthe, Espresso, Irish Creme, Mint and Raspberry and Three Chilies (wonderfully hot against cold ice cream).
  • Sugar-Free Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce. This is a low-carb product, just 4 grams of carbohydrate per tablespoon. Made with maltitol (our favorite sugar substitute), this is such a delicious sauce, no one would notice the difference. We love this sauce, and have reviewed it separately.


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