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October 31, 2006
Updated March 2009

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Texas Sampler
Mozzarella Company makes 35 artisan cheeses. The selection above, Smoked Scamorza, Basil Caciotta and Ancho Chile Caciotta, can be purchased as the Texas Sampler.
WHAT IT IS: Artisan Italian-style, Mexican and other cheeses, made in Dallas, Texas.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Classic styles with a fresh point-of-view and some innovative spins.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Palate-dazzling flavors that remain in memory years after the cheese has been tasted. It’s the reason these cheeses have been winning awards for 20 years.

Mozzarella Company:
Much More Than Mozzarella

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Goat Caciotta
Cow’s Milk Caciotta with Mexican Marigold Mint is both mellow and lively, thanks to its herb accent.

Caciotta: Dressing Up A Farmhouse Cheese

Caciottas are simple, semi-soft, smooth and creamy Italian farmhouse cheeses that are generally made with sheep’s milk, although some are made with cow’s milk. Mozzarella Company makes cow’s milk and goat’s milk caciottas, aged at least two months. The cow’s milk cheese is a Texas version of Monterey Jack, both mellow and savory. The goat’s milk version is robust and tangy. Both are available plain or flavored in Ancho Chile, Basil or Mexican Marigold Mint.

The flavorings accessorize a basic, tasty cheese in a way that good accessories enhance a fine suit. While one might not normally think to add marigold mint to cheese, please order it—it’s a star. Caciottas are good for snacking as well as for melting on bread, pizza and quesadillas.

  • $12.95/pound*

Montasio Festivo: A Classic With A Twist

Montasio is a pasture-terraced mountain located northeast of Venice in the Friuli-Venezia region of Italy. The cheese named after it is a firm goat’s milk cheese used for eating or grating. It was originally made by the monks whose monastery owned the pastures, beginning in the 13th century. Today, the cheese is A.O.C.-designated.

Italian Montasio is nutty and slightly fruity. Mozzarella Company’s version, aged six months to one year, is pleasantly assertive, also with a nutty flavor. There is a plain Montasio, but the “festive” version, Montasio Festivo, is our choice. With Mozzarella Company’s eye for making a good thing better, it is rubbed with an ancho chile and olive oil paste that forms a thin, dark-red rind and imbues the cheese with more nuances of flavor. Ancho chile is full-bodied but mild—a tasty accent from Paula and her team. The monks would have approved.

  • $15.95/pound*
A goat’s milk cheese, Montasio Festivo, left, is rubbed with an ancho chili oil paste. Plain Montasio, right, is also available.

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