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October 31, 2006
Updated March 2009

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Texas Sampler
Mozzarella Company makes 35 artisan cheeses. The selection above, Smoked Scamorza, Basil Caciotta and Ancho Chile Caciotta, can be purchased as the Texas Sampler.
WHAT IT IS: Artisan Italian-style, Mexican and other cheeses, made in Dallas, Texas.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Classic styles with a fresh point-of-view and some innovative spins.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Palate-dazzling flavors that remain in memory years after the cheese has been tasted. It’s the reason these cheeses have been winning awards for 20 years.

Mozzarella Company:
Much More Than Mozzarella

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Mascarpone Tortas

Rich mascarpone with Basil Pesto and Toasted Pine Nuts (left), and Sundried Tomato and Basil Pesto (right).

Mascarpone Tortas: Simply Sumptuous

For entertaining anytime, or for a little self-indulgence now and then, there’s nothing like a mascarpone torta. Rich, creamy mascarpone is its own reward, but when layered with other goodies, it transforms into “cheesecake.” It can be spread on water crackers or sweet crackers like wheatmeal biscuits, or can simply be eaten with a fork.

On the savory side there are three flavors: Ancho Chile, Basil Pesto and Toasted Pine Nuts, and Sundried Tomato and Basil Pesto. For sweetness, try the Pecan Praline flavor, wonderful with ginger snaps or strawberries (warning: if you have a sweet tooth, you may not want to share this one).

  • $19.55*/pound
  • Mascarpone Quartet Sampler (One Of Each)
    $65.00,* shipping included

Mozzarella: Of Course!

How could we fail to mention Mozzarella Company’s mozzarella? In Bubba Gump style, it offers Bocconcini (salt-free bite-size balls), Capriella (goat’s milk mozzarella), Latte (cooking-size balls, salt-free and lightly-salted), Mozzarella Curd, Smoked Mozzarella, Smoked Scamorza, Queso Oaxaca (Mexican mozzarella, which is hand-stretched into long ribbons of string cheese and rolled up like a ball of yarn) and delectable Mozzarella Rolls, shown in the photo at the right.

The Mozzarella Rolls are filled, jelly-roll-style, with Basil Pesto, Green Olive, Jalapeño Chile, Prosciutto or Sundried Tomato. They can be sliced into delicious hors d’oeuvres, added to sandwiches and salads, eaten as snacks (we liked them melted on Italian bread), and would be enormously popular with a food-enthusiast crowd on Super Bowl Sunday.

  • $17.25/pound*
  • Gift Basket: 1 Piece Of Each Flavor
    $60.00,* shipping included
  • Cheese Sampler: Mozzarella Medley
    1 Piece Basil, Tomato & Olive Roll
    Two Balls Of Fresh Mozzarella
    $65.00,* shipping included

Mozzarella Rolls
Mozzarella Rolls: Pesto, Sundried Tomato and

queso oaxaca

Queso Oaxaca (Mexican mozzarella).

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