Butterscotch Pudding

Pudding Season begins October first. Start it off with this delicious butterscotch pudding recipe from chocolatier Michael Recchiuti. Photo by Duard van der Westhuizen | IST.



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Last Updated October 2021

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National Food Holidays: October

And You Thought Halloween Was The Big Event!


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As the days get shorter, you won’t even notice...you’ll be too busy planning parties to celebrate these momentous occasions.  Some enable entire month-long festivities:

If you’re only looking for a week-long festivity, then select from:


Day-long festivities:

  • National Dessert Day, the second Thursday of the month
  • Global Champagne Day, the fourth Friday of the month


The rest of October’s line-up includes:

  Braised Beef Tacos
October 4 is National Taco Day. Make these delicious braised beef tacos with mole sauce. Photo courtesy McCormick.
  Fettuccine Alfredo
October 18 is National Pasta Day, Treat yourself to some Fettuccine Alfredo. Here’s the recipe.
  Chocolate Cupcakes

October 10th is National Angel Food Cake Day. Here’s a recipe for dark chocolate cupcakes.

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†May 5th is National Hoagie Day. November 4th is National Submarine Sandwich Day. And someone decided that we needed a National Eat A Hoagie Day on September 14th and Submarine-Hoagie-Grinder Day on October 9th.







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