Burdick Hot Chocolate
This hot chocolate from L.A. Burdick won first place in our competition and a permanent place at our breakfast table. 




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August 2005

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Everyday Faves

Readers ask, “What are your favorite products?”
Here are the ones that we use every day.



This isn’t about the impressive boxes of bonbons, the caviar, or the gifts to impress.  It’s not our fantasy list.  It’s what we’re eating today.

Many of these products first debuted in THE NIBBLE™ newsletter. If you’re not already a subscriber, sign up for a free subscription today and we’ll email a weekly recommendation to you.

A disclosure: most of THE NIBBLE™ editors live in high-rise apartments in New York or Los Angeles, so we’re not doing a lot of barbecuing or grilling.  Thus, our choices may be a bit skewed.

Good Morning

Adagio IngenuiTea Brewing Cup. We drink a variety of teas, depending on our mood. We brew them up in one of our favorite kitchen gadgets, the IngenuiTea from Adagio Teas. It reeled us back to using more superior loose teas because it’s so easy to use and clean. We really didn’t like digging wet tea leaves out of those tea ball infusers.  Click here for our review.

Bilinski Bratwurst. To us it isn’t morning without a Chicken and Wild Rice Bratwurst from Bilinski.  With everyday eggs or festive waffles, they’re tops in our book.  And at 70 calories for a hefty 2-ounce bratwurst, a low-calorie, low-fat dieter’s delight. A newsletter selection.

Fat Cat SconesFat Cat Scones. A newsletter selection, since we discovered these soft, muffin-like scones with matching glazes that bake up “fresh” in 15 minutes from the freezer, we’ve been hooked. They’re all good, but we especially like Pumpkin Oat Spice, Peach Passion Fruit, Lemon Drop, and Mandarin Orange Cranberry.

FAGE Total Yogurt (see details under Lunch, below), with granola, fruit, or nuts and raisins.

La Nouba Sugar-Free Spreads. We prefer these to most sugar preserves because we don’t like overly the sweet jams and jellies made for the American market. These are Belgian, and made with maltitol, La Nouba’s fruit-dense spreads provide all of the sweetness and none of the cloying taste.  And, saving on the sugar here lets us spend our sugar calories elsewhere. Click here to read the review.

L.A. Burdick Hot Chocolate.  This is the richest hot chocolate you can make.   That’s because it’s made from shaved chocolate, the classic Swiss method.  Pour hot milk over the shavings, whisk, and enjoy an out-of-this-world experience.  We also take a cup in the evening, when we feel especially deserving. A newsletter selection.

Lighter Lunching

Since we taste food all day at THE NIBBLE™ and either cook up a storm or go out for dinner, we aim for a light lunch of a salad, yogurt, perhaps some fruit and cheese.

Boyajian OilBoyajian Oils and Vinegars. We’ve been in love with this line since first taste. The flavored oils and vinegars make a an ordinary salad or grilled vegetable extraordinary; a tablespoon in gazpacho or any soup or stew is a silver bullet. Unfortunately, most stores only carry basic lemon, lime and orange oils, so you need to order the full range from the website. Especially noteworthy are the Sundried Tomato, Rosemary, Scallion, and Tangerine Oils and all the Asian Oils plus the two mentioned under Dinner, below; and the Ginger, Maple, and Sweet Plum Vinegars. 

FAGE Total Yogurt. We live on this product from Greece. It’s becoming so popular (influence of THE NIBBLE™?) that they’re often out of stock and are building a plant in the U.S. to keep up with demand. The 0% fat plain yogurt is so rich and tasty, there’s no need to up the ante to the 2% or whole milk varieties.  We eat it plain or with accompaniments, sweeten it into a pudding, turn it into a savory dip for vegetables, toss it with pasta and grated parmesan, garnish soups.... It’s the most versatile food in our refrigerator.  Click here to read the review.

More Yogurt. We also have fallen hard for three other yogurts: Vermont’s Woodstock Water Buffalo Yogurt with the special, rich taste of water buffalo milk; California’s Redwood Hill Farm goat’s milk yogurt, which lovers of fresh goat cheese will find most appealing; and Canada’s Liberté yogurt, Méditerranée style, made from Vermont cow’s milk.

Onion ParsleyPeanut Better. Ever since we discovered these gourmet peanut butters, we’ve never been able to look at a spoonful of commercial product. A simple sandwich of Onion Parsley or Rosemary Garlic Peanut Butter, by itself or with a slice of turkey or roast beef, is sublime. We toss the Thai Ginger and Red Pepper with linguine for Spicy Noodles.  A dozen flavors, and we love them all. A newsletter selection.

P.B. Loco. Another favorite peanut butter, we serve the Raspberry White Chocolate on cookies, go banana for Jungle Banana, and would nominate Sun-Ripened Apricot and Sumatra Cinnamon for a P.B. Nobel Prize. Sun-Dried Tomato, our favorite savory flavor, is brilliant. Another newsletter selection.


Wasabi OilMore Boyajian. We use the Basil Oil and Wasabi Oil for basil mashed potatoes and wasabi mashed potatoes (which along with truffle oil mashed potatoes completes our potato trifecta).

Tradizioni Di Puglia. Since the first time we began eating these gorgeous colored pastas, we haven‘t been able to go back to plain old white.  The color, the flavor, the quality....it’s art and food, all in one. 


Chocolate SauceBreyers SugarSmart™ Ice Cream with The King’s Cupboard No Sugar Added Chocolate Sauce. How much more guilt-free a dessert can you ask for? Both reviewed in Diet Nibbles.

La Biscotteria biscottini.  All are great, but we’ve gotten hooked on the white chocolate lemon. Read the review.


Boylan’s Sodas. Every flavor. The cherry and diet cherry have their own fan clubs.  We think the Diet Cola is the best diet cola there ever has been, or every will be, in this universe. A newsletter selection.

GuS. It stands for Grown-Up Soda. We can’t get enough of the Star Ruby Grapefruit. The Dry Meyer Lemon and Dry Valencia Orange are the bombs. And perhaps that’s the best Extra Dry Ginger Ale out there. And more. It’s nice to grow up.

Izze SodasIzze. If fruits were jewels, Izze would be Cartier.  We drink ’em all: Blackberry, Blueberry, Clementine, Grapefruit, Lemon and Pear. Read more about GuS and Izze here.

Jeff’s Diet Egg Creams. At 20 calories apiece, the best chocolate (or vanilla) fix on earth. The full-sugar varieties are great too, but you don’t need to go farther than the sucralose formula—really. Read the review in Diet Nibbles.


Laurent Du Clos Mustards. Roquefort, walnut, watercress....you can eat them out of a jar with a spoon they’re so good. Of course, you can put them on sandwiches, add them to dips, use your imagination.  

Moosewood Hollow Infused Maple Syrups. We use them to glaze vegetables, meats, in cocktails, as sauces. A newsletter selection: read the review.

Palette Infused Honeys. As with the Moosewood Hollow Syrups, you can use these wonderful Anise, Chili, and Lavender-flavored honeys at every meal or snack from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. A newsletter selection.


Coco’s Chocolate Dreams. The best and most creative popular-priced chocolate bars we’ve found.  We ate 24 bars in 3 days. Don’t tell Mama. A newsletter selection.

La NoubaLa Nouba Sugar-Free Marshmallows. We like these pink and white squares made with maltitol better than any marshmallow we’ve had with sugar. They’re the prettiest, too. Read the review in Diet Nibbles.

Pierre Marcolini Chocolate Bars. We never ate milk chocolate before we met Mr. Marcolini’s bars. Now, we can’t stop.  We love the white chocolate too. And everything else. Is there a wing for chocoholics at Bette Ford? Read about it here.

We’ll keep adding to this list, so check back again!



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