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There’s no way to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, May 15, other than with a box of Ruby et Violette cookies.



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May 2005
Last Updated May 2024

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May Food Holidays

You Don’t Have To Wait For The Big Barbecue Weekend~There Are Celebrations Every Day Of The Month!


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May is verdant, May is exciting, May is filled with fun food holidays:

Other foods to honor:


Shrimp & Remoulade Dip

May 10 is National Shrimp Day. We served these tasty crustaceans with LuLu’s Saffron Aioli. Photo by Ryan Pike.



* National Chocolate Parfait Day is May 1st. National Parfait Day is November 25th.

**May 5th is National Hoagie Day. November 4th is National Submarine Sandwich Day. And someone decided that we needed a National Eat A Hoagie Day on September 14th and Submarine-Hoagie-Grinder Day on October 9th.

†There’s National Blondie Day on January 22nd. Blondie is another name for Butterscotch Blondie. Here’s the scoop.

  French Macarons

End the month by celebrating National Macaroon Day. These lovelies are the French version, macarons, from Mad Mac Macarons, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week.

‡Some sources list March 22 as National Coq Au Vin Day. It may be a locally declared holiday rather than a national one. We’ve double-listed it in March.


**May is National Hamburger Month. The second week in May is National Hamburger Week. May 28th is National Hamburger Day.

There are two types of truffles. The original is the highly expensive fungus related to the mushroom. Chocolate truffles are named after them.


***This holiday celebrates the artisan cheeses made by American cheesemakers, not the processed product called American cheese.  It was formerly held in October but was changed by the American Cheese Foundation to align with the arrival of spring cheeses.


****International Whiskey Day is March 27th.

*****International No Diet Day (also known as National No Diet Day or No Diet Day) is an annual celebration of the importance of body acceptance, diversity, and respect for all body shapes and sizes. So eat what you usually eat!

†††World Tuna Day was established to promote more sustainable fishing practices.


†††National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is August 4th.

‡‡‡‡‡National Beer Day is April 7th. American Craft Beer Week is the third week in May. National IPA Day is the first Thursday in August. International Beer Day is the first Friday in August. American Beer Day is October 27th. Here are more beer holidays.


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